Copper Laminated Flexible Shunt are custom designed to customer requirements and specifications and are available in any hole pattern or size. The secondary conductor strips are of High Conductivity Copper. Terminal ends can either be deep riveted or solder dipped to allow a more positive current transfer area for improved efficiency.

Copper Laminated Flexible Shunt are Manufactured by stacking several foils of Electrolytic Copper(0.035 to 0.3 mm thick) and then forging it by applying high current under high pressure.This is a special metal diffusion process whereby the metal itself melts and forms homogeneous bond thus giving a very negligible, almost nil milivolt drop across the connector, thereby reducing the temperature rise & increasing the current carrying capacity of the jumper. In this process, no filler metal is used to join layers together. They have a constant cross section over whole length. The current carrying capacity of solid bus bar and Copper laminated jumper manufactured by this process is same. Therefore these jumpers are a substitute of solid bus bar. It is also possible to drill, saw or mill the contact areas without any problem.


     These type of flexible connectors are used as flexible expansion joints in order to connect bus bars in Switch gear Industries, Power Plants, Caustic Soda & Chlorine Plant using Mercury Cell, Modular Cell, Membrane Cell, Diaphragm Cell, Hydrochloride Cell, Manganese Dioxide Cell and Cathodic Protection, Bus Ducts, Transformer, V.C.B., Resistance welding equipment, Electric Locomotives, Furnaces etc. to prevent damages by other parts of machines or switch gear. These kinds of jumpers have to realize movements inside machines and switch gear. These jumpers are individually designed and manufactured keeping in view, the user requirements and application. We also offer jumpers with contact area electro - tinned, Silver plated or Gold plated to give perfect contact. 


Copper Flexible Laminated Shunts is available in any Size and Shape As Per Customers Required

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